Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Right now I should be doing homework (I have like 4 assignments, blah) but I'm just procrastinating, though I promise to actually start something tonight.

I just thought I'd share a picture or two with everyone though :)

 This is from the trip to Ely that we took this past week. It was pouring, we got splashed from a car driving by, and then walked a few blocks more, but ended up at this quaint little teashop called the Peacock. So, the girls and I stopped in to dry ourselves and have a traditional English tea

Today We took a walking trip to Grantchester where we sat and had a snack in an orchard and then took lots of random pictures of us jumping around. This picture though is from the walk to the place, which was almost an hour I believe, and we walked through open fields, along the river, and past quite a few cows. It just so happened that when I went to take this picture the cow looked up at me at the exact same time which made for this funny/cute photo. There are tons of pictures from today, but I thought this would be the best one to share

I hope everyone enjoys it, and is doing well back at home

Now it's time for me to do some work!

<3 Allie

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