Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cambridge to London -- one way ticket :(

Rosalie and I are so sad :(

I write this as I sit on a train from Cambridge to London's King Cross and I feel exhausted from the lack of sleep and the rollercoaster of emotions that I've felt in the last couple days. I feel relieved at having finished my schoolwork, excited for the next leg of my journey through Europe, nervous to be travelling to London by myself, and of course sad to have to leave the place that has been my home for the past month. I know I will see some people once I return to Irvine, others I hope that, regardless of where they live, I know I will stay in touch with. It is such a bittersweet feeling of having to leave everyone; I just wish we weren't so far apart. I'm going to miss walking around town, through fields to have tea, midnight movies and dance parties, formal hall dinners, and just about a million other things...

Break (I had to get off the train)

Nick was trying not to cry ;p
After a ten+ minute walk, half of which was spent in a state of anxiety and confusion, I made it to the Clink  78 hostel. Now I am sitting on my top bunk, in my co-ed 12 person room, and just resting for a bit. I have already made quick friends with the three other girls in the room who are around my age (from brazil and australia); which reminds me of one of my favorite parts of travelling; meeting people from all over the world. Tomorrow morning I have to store my luggage and hope that it will be in the luggage room when i get back. I then have nothing to do until 3, when I am meeting with my Aunt's friend's son (Nikolai) in the center of London. After that I will jump back on the tube, get my luggage and then go to meet my Aunt's friend's niece (Emma) in East London. It is a bit weird to be meeting and staying with people that I have never met, but I'm sure it will be fine. I am so grateful that I have a place to stay that I dont have to pay for or where flip flops in the shower.
There were quotes all around the hostel and I really liked this one from the main room
Well, I just checked the time and it is way too late. It is definitely time for bed!


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