Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 July 2011

00:02 (thats 2 minutes past midnight!)

     Even though I was walking around by myself all day I feel like this is really the first time that I have been able to just rest in silence, alone, since I got to England eight days ago. Everyone has gone to town  to eat, but after that not as easy as expected hike up Arthurs Seat (the result of an extinct volcano, and not complimented by the chocolate soup shake I got right before) I am so exhausted and sore! The 4 mile hike in the mountains, plus all of the days walking, and then that last hike about killed me. I felt sick and so weak my legs were quivering when I stood still. I am definitely burnt, and will be peeling tomorrow, lovely. I took my shoes into the shower but they still seem dirty, poor things have been so abused. I also had to dig a bug or something from teh back of my leg and I'm just hopeing it wasnt a tick or something diseased (I'm sure everyone wanted toknow that). I am just laying down now and it feels so good to be off my feet.
     After I finished writing my earlier post at the Elephant House I ended up talking with a girl from Germany and before I knew it it was nearly two hours later and time for me to leave. It was such an interesting conversation and just another reason why being in Europe is so amazing, you meet interesting people from all over and from all different backgrounds.
. . .
    Wow, I zoned out for a bit writing this. I think that means it is definitely time for bed. I have to be on the bus by 8:30am tomorrow to leave on the long ride back to Cambridge. On the way we will be stopping at Fountains Abbey, ruins, which is supposed to be beautiful so I'll be sure my camera is charged and I take photos. :)

~~ Allie

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