Sunday, July 10, 2011

London Adventures

Hello Hello!

So, it has been quite a weekend. I must have walked at least ten miles, and my feet are sore and tired, but London was amazing. I got to see Big Ben (not as big as I imagined), the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, and so much more.
The hostel was interesting, and by that I mean thoroughly creepy. lol. but it is still an experience that I'm happy to have had. I feel more worldly already ;p

Here is us at the hostel, being scared in our room
 Bangers and mash! yum!

 hand hug!
 The London Eye
 self explanatory....
 While in London we got to see Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Globe Theatre and we were the peasants or "groundlings"
 Harry Pottering it....
 I walked like 3 miles and then took a cab for the last two to take this picture... so i hope everyone truly appreciates it ;p
There is an M&M world in London and it was amazing!

So as you see this is a taste of what I did in just 2 days in London. I feel like I didnt even see close to enough things and I will definitely need to go back. I didnt actually have time to go up in the London Eye, so that will definitely still be on my to-do list.

For now though it is really nice to just be sitting down back in Pembroke and not have to worry about walking ten miles through the city tomorrow haha

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