Sunday, July 31, 2011


Today I had breakfast with my bunkmates from the hostel before everyone exchanged information and we all parted ways. Afterwards  I bought a rail pass and then made my way down to the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is so beautiful and I loved just relaxing and drinking a soda while sitting in the courtyard after viewing all of the sculptures, jewelry, and everything.
With Nikolai and his friends
At 3 o'clock I got off the tube at Oxford Circus to meet Nikolai and his friends for drinks at a local pub. As a side note I thought I'd mention that I didnt get lost in the city, but I did get lost trying to find my way out of the tube station... i would... haha) It was a really nice 'afternoon' and I wish we had more time together. Hopefully we'll see each other again.
Now I have finally made it to Emma's apartment. My only setback has been losing my rail card and having to buy another one, which sucked, but other than that everything has been good. I sat down to pizza with her and two of her friends. Now I write this and then I think I will go to bed since my eyes feel heavy even as I type.
Tomorrow I may meet someone in the city center for lunch, but other than that I have no plans. It will be my last day before I leave on my European tour. I know that I need to top up my phone card because I am running out of minutes, and I need to figure out how to lighten my suitcase (it is really heavy!) I think I may also try to find a way to make biscuits and gravy for Emma and her friends as a way of thanking them for letting me stay here. It may be difficult though since they dont have biscuits here, or at least not the American version of biscuits. I dont know if they have the same kind of sausage either... hopefully I can pull this off...
I guess we'll see tomorrow

Well, I think it is time for bed now.

<3 Allie

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